Testimonials from my lovely brides!

'I asked Jessica Turner to design and make my wedding dress.
She gave me a few drawing options and I picked the one I had in mind. 
She used her own knitted design and chantilly lace to make it look antique and boning to structure my figure. Not only did she make it within 3 months, and with a 6 month old daughter at the time, she did an amazing job. The detail on the sleeves and back was my favourite part. I was so pleased with it and it made my wedding day! 
It is still hanging up at my parents house and I admire it every time I go back. 
Thank you so much Jessica! '  VICKY KING

"Thank you so so much for today, I am so pleased with how it's going. Hope you are all well, and I am excited to see the final dress!! - I love it already.

Millie x"  May 2017


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