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Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The climate emergency is getting real, Australia is a pure example. (which if anyone wants to donate here is the link from the Red Cross). I have been thinking about how I can change to be an ethical brand over the last couple of years and each year I am doing more and more to be sustainable.

1. I complete my collections on paper beautifully hand painted so brides can also keep it as a keep sake.

Jessica Turner Designs hand painted sketches to reduce the use of raw materials
Jessica Turner Designs hand painted sketches to reduce the use of raw materials

2. I use any off cuts of a wedding dress fabric to create a handmade bunny. This is also a lovely gift for a flower girl or a keepsake, I use your wedding dress fabric when I create your bespoke dress.

3. I am a bespoke designer therefore I am only designing for that one bride, therefore reducing the use of raw materials and supporting slow fashion.

These are the three factors on how I work to be an ethical brand. However, this is what is new for is new for 2020.

1. I will create more dresses and fabric swatches using GOTS certified fabric, Peace Silk or Tencel.

Here is a little information on each fabric.

GOTS certified is a fabric that that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical inputs during the production process of textiles, which stands for The Global Organic Textile Standard.

Peace Silk is a silk manufactured under the most stringent social and environmental standards. It is non-violent silk breeding and harvesting of the silk worm.

Tencel is made from the Eucalyptus plant. A quote from ECOCULT

"Tencel is silky soft and absorbent, and is produced using a different chemical – amine oxide – that is purported to be safer in an entirely closed loop process, so that the chemical isn’t discharged into the water. It’s made of certified sustainably-sourced eucalyptus. Fast-growing eucalyptus tree varieties are native to almost every continent and climate, and require less land and – often on land that couldn’t otherwise be farmed – than the equivalent amount of cotton. Neither does eucalyptus require pesticides and herbicides."

Jessica Turner Designs is making a wedding dress out of tencel, stocked in Willoughby and Wolf for one month only in January 2020
Tencel Wedding Dress

So that is why I am super excited to have made my first wedding dress made in Tencel fabric for my 2020 collection!! IT is going to be at the


so do pop along this weekend. Let me know your thoughts too on the fabric, as this is new to me as it is to you!!

The dress will be exclusive at Willoughby and Wolf for ONE month only in January 2020, so best to book in that bridal appointment if you want to see it if you can't get down to the wedding show.

Going back to what I am doing new for 2020, new sustainable fabrics..... ummmm and continuing collections on paper, re-using my fabric off cuts and creating custom made dresses.

Sustainability is important to me so therefore I will keep developing and coming up with better environmentally practices. In the mean time if you know any other ways I can improve I will be keen to listen to what you have to say. You can email me on info@jessicaturnerdesigns.com

Happy New Year


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