I am very excited to share with you that I will be at the Railway Centre in Buckinghamshire Sunday 7th November. I am trying to do local events to keep my carbon footprint low, supporting my sustainable wedding business!

Dita Bowen Photography.

A little bit of information about me and what will be there. I am a bespoke wedding dress designer, so I create one-off pieces for brides. You take some ideas and I, with my bridal styling experience create your dress from scratch combining your ideas with mine. This is a great way to get a unique wedding gown. The bespoke journey also supports slow bridal fashion, and is better for the environment.

The Cowslip Bespoke Dress Jessica Turner Designs. Kitty Wheeler Shaw Photography

Some of my dresses are also made with peace silk, or recycled fabrics.

The Beautiful Due Photography. Wildflower Dress by Jessica Turner Designs made with peace silk trim and recycled linters of cotton. Perfect for the ethical brides that want to make a difference and purchase a sustainable wedding dress.

Meadowsweet wedding dress. Beautiful peace silk and lined in organic cotton. Ellen Sear Photography

None of my dresses are mass produced and all my dresses are made in the UK by an experience seamstress. I have a small collection to show in my studio. Please book an appointment in advance, usually a couple of months before so not to be disappointed with availability.

Did you know this style the fabric can easily be changed to anything you want? Also, it is easy to change the sleeve design or make it a tighter fit, that is the fun of a bespoke dress.

Rachel Jane Photography

Any scraps of material from wedding dresses are made into beautiful head pieces or my bride bunnies.

Ellen Sear Photography.

So what will be there at this wedding event, a small collection of wedding dresses, around 8-10, my bride bunny and some head pieces, all made from recycled wedding dress fabric. Please do come and visit me at the wedding event and say hello!!

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Jess x

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