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How to work with a Bespoke Designer.

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I know it is hard to work with a bespoke designer especially if you have no idea what type of dress you want! This is why I am here to help you so you can work with a bespoke designer and create the wedding dress of your dreams!

A bespoke bride is sustainable, a bespoke bride supports slow fashion, working with a bespoke designer you get a unique result, a dress that no-one else will have. Have I tempted you yet?!!

Here are my top tips for creating a dress from scratch.

1. List down all the styles that suit you, look at your wardrobe, find your favourite dress, top, skirt and write down why it is your favourite, what shape is it, can you sketch it?

2. Look at Pinterest, pin wedding dress designs that you like and designs that suit you. Write down the reasons why you like it, is it the fabric, the sleeve design, the low back, the embellishment, the train, the fabric? Also, jot down what you don't like about some dresses.

Studio Rouge Photography, Rachel Jane Photography and Matt Fox Photography

3. Now it is finding the designer that is right for you.

Do your research, look at their social handles, are they designing dresses that suit your style, classic, contemporary, boho, edgy or fashion led? If you are a classic bride, then you want to find a designer who deals with classic couture pieces and if you are on the more untraditional side then find a designer who resonates with the style that you like. Is it boho, is it minimalist? Remember if you want to find an eco designer you might want to ask them how they are eco friendly? I am the side of romantic boho, with a modern edge @jessturnerdesigns

4. Pricing. Again do your research, find out the designers pricing before hand and know your own budget before any consultations. You want to be on the same level at the beginning.

5. Phone the designers or get them to call you. Chat with them, ask questions. You should get a gut feeling whether you can work with this person just by talking with them. Once you have decided book in your consultation.

6. Book in a consultation. A great designer would have done their research before the consultation, as in they should have prepared suitable fabric swatches or done a few rough sketches of the dress you want to create. I get brides to email me or invite me to their wedding dress Pinterest board. This way I get an idea of what type of dress they want. My consultations are charged, this is because my time and effort is spent researching and resourcing suitable fabrics, I will also do 3 to 4 rough sketches of wedding dress ideas. The consultations take over an hour where I also offer my bridal styling advice. The money for the consultation is taken off the final purchase so therefore we both win, I have covered my back and you eventually get the advice offered for free once a dress has been bought. Win, win situation!

Bethany and James Photography

Rachel Jane Photography

7. Designing the Dress!

I will take into consideration your body shape, what style does and doesn't suit you and I will take your ideas on board and design the dress that is perfect for you.

Angela Ward Photography

Here is an example:

A bride I worked with liked this dress but felt concerned about the thin straps and the little support at the back.

Studio Rouge Photography

Therefore, I altered the straps to make them thicker or I offered a bridal separate to go on the top like this.

8. Once a dress is finalised the fun of making begins, the toile is made, the fabric is bought and any alterations take place at the first fitting.

If you would like my free bespoke time plan which will give you more detail of how the bespoke process works then please subscribe to my newsletter or email me at info@jessicaturnerdesigns.com

Have a nice day!

Love Jess x