I love discussing trends, especially when it relates to the wedding or fashion business. Trends come and go and they are usually born when certain events occur. We have seen a lot of micro weddings popping up so lets imagine that there will be trends on smaller scale weddings and designs will be shrinking to reflect this change.

So here are my top 7 wedding dress tips for 2021.

1. Micro dresses.

Short dresses will be popular this year, as we all know covid has had a huge impact on the wedding industry but also the finances of brides and grooms so therefore a smaller dress might be the answer.

2. Big wedding dresses.

I mentioned short wedding dresses will be popular however some brides might have been hanging on waiting for their big day so when it can happen they will go BIG, very dreamy long trains and romantic ball gown dresses.

Bowtie and Belle Photography.

3. Colour is back in soft pastel shades.

If you know me I love adding a bit of colour to a wedding dress, either I will dip dye the ends or put a layer of colour under a silk chiffon or dip dye the whole skirt part to match your wedding colours.

(Layer of a blue/grey silk) Jessica Turner Designs. Ellen Sears Photography

Robin Quinn Photography

A bespoke wedding dress dyed to match the brides wedding colours, by Jessica Turner Designs.

4. It's all in the back details.

I have seen a lot of bare backs recently and I think this trend will continue and there will be more ways to show off your back in the different styles. I love to be a little daring with the back, it adds that wow factor.

Sketches by Jessica Turner Designs

Rachel Jane Photography. Low back detail Jessica Turner Designs.

5. Puffy sleeves.

This is a trend that can look great on a certain type of bride. Big puffy sleeves are back and all I can think of is Diana Princess of Wales on her wedding day! Now there are lots of modern ways to style the big sleeves, I preferably prefer the bishop sleeve style rather than the puffed balloon sleeve.

Bridal Sketch of the bishop sleeve by Jessica Turner Designs.

6. Low Plunge Necklines.

Low v-necks are still popular and daring for any bride. The style can make a modern and sleek bride look very striking.

Matt Fox Photography. Dress Jessica Turner Designs. This look can be a little bare but sleeves can easily be added.

7. Eco Wedding Dresses.

Eco-friendly. This is going to be the topic of the future. Brands are adapting to be more conscious of the environment. I am also doing my best as a small independent bridal designer. I line my dresses with organic bamboo, I make my toiles in organic calico and in my new collection 2021 the fabrics are made from organic silks. They are also sketched on paper rather than using more raw materials (as seen in the images above) supported with fabric swatches. I only make up 3 dresses per new collection and I use a small London based production company near to where I live. I think it is very important to think about the amount you produce as well as what the product is made out of, I am a firm believer in slow fashion.

Is my brand ethical, I hope so!

Wedding dress by Jessica Turner Designs made from Organic Bamboo.

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