All about the 'Cosmos'

It is a Greek word meaning ‘order and harmony of the universe’. The Cosmos flower has petals that are evenly formed so the greeks gave it this name.

The Cosmos flower is also a symbol of love and harmony.

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I decided to design a dress around the Cosmos flower, with its perfectly formed petals and symbolic meaning. The 'Cosmos' wedding dress is a dress that shows the characteristics of the flower. On the shoulder straps there are tiny harmonious silk knit flowers to add extra depth and texture. The V-plunge neckline represents the petals shape and the soft fluid silk looks as soft as the flower.

by Natthawut Punyosaen

The Cosmos is also one of bee's favourite flowers, attracting them with their pretty scent and colour. My new 2020 collection was designed around the importance of the Honeybee, with small donations going to Friends of the Earth to help save them.

Like buying this bee saver kit.


I am an advocate to slow fashion and I put this into practice when I design my collections. My yearly collections are hand painted on paper supported with fabric swatches. I design and produce garments for quality and longevity, encouraging slower production schedules, lower carbon footprints and minimal waste.



I grew up in a forest so nature is always at the heart of my bridal looks, getting inspiration from plants and animals to find stunning textures, colours and shapes. Some of my dresses include my silk knit details , like the Cosmos to create something wildly fanciful with a bohemian twist. Picture coming soon to show all the finer details. ......

Have a lovely week.

Jess x


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