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What happens at my London appointments?

When it suggests that I charge for my first consultation in London, and that I charge £75 for an hour, possibly longer. It can scare a lot of brides away. However, I do believe this is value for money. For example, a bespoke bride wanted an ethereal gown made out of a blue/grey lace similar to the image below.

Bespoke bride Jessica Turner Designs

(photography and dress designer unknown)

She wanted flared sleeves, and a similar loose back and a small train. I was excited about the brief, I explained the fee and why I charge for my appointments and she was happy to continue. Great, so I began the design process! I spent a few hours searching for the right type of lace and one that would stay in her budget. I bought a few samples of lace some with colour and some without. I dyed one sample of lace to match that perfect grey/blue tones and then hunted for some fabrics that would sit perfectly underneath the lace. Overall, having about 7 swatches of fabric to show her.

The day came for the consultation, I got everything ready, Prosecco, cupcakes, fabrics samples and also my rough bridal sketches of 3 to 4 dress ideas for her to look at.

An hour before the appointment I thought I better check my emails in case there was any delay or problems, and there was an email from her saying "I am really sorry but I have found my dress from John Lewis that was half the price and so I went with that..........." Obviously, I was disappointed as I had put a great effort into this, but I was also relieved that I had charged her £75 for my time so far. I genuinely think she was keen to get a bespoke dress made but the circumstances changed, it was just unfortunate for me.

The £75 is my security, my time and my effort. This price is then deducted off the final cost of the bespoke dress so brides don't lose out.

So what happens at my appointments.

Bespoke wedding dress bespoke designer jessica turner designs

This is the first part of the design process. If you want to know how the whole bespoke process works then I have put together a time plan so you know what happens when and where. It gives you a clear understanding of what happens and when you need to start looking for your designer to make it. Just sign up to my mailing list and mention bespoke plan and I can send it to you.

This is how I work, from sketch to bride.

Jessica Turner Designs bespoke bridal from sketch to bride

Or if you aren't interested in the bespoke process then I have 3 samples with more coming soon from my new collection Honeybee at the boutique, Willoughby and Wolf in Marlborough. Along, with other inspiration of my dresses sketched on paper, this is to support slow fashion and sustainability.

Jessica Turner Designs bridal sketches, slow fashion, sustainable wedding dress

Angela Ward Photography

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