The Honeybee Collection 2020

I have always liked the humble bee and the delicious honey that they produce. I remember as a child visiting our grandparents and for breakfast they would always offer the honey with the honeycomb in it, mmmmm, I loved it! Certainly a luxury product today.

It saddens me to think that bees are in danger and a third of British wild bees are in decline. I wanted to address the issue and design my new collection around these amazing insects.

My Honeybee Collection 2020 is available at the boutique, Willoughby and Wolf. They are hand painted on paper with a selection of fabric samples to reduce waste and to support slow fashion. The collection embraces a boho trend combined with a 70's allusion: trendy jumpsuits, modern boho dresses, contemporary bell shape or flared sleeves, stunning floral 2d fabrics, modern slits and romantic dip dye . The shapes, styles and fabrics of my bridal gowns are inspired by the bee's favourite flowers. The idea around the collection is to regard the importance of bees and what they do for us. (Brides on their last fitting also get a little gift from me that help the bees!)

Honey bees are super important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables. Without our buzzy little friends it would be a catastrophe. We would start to loose plants, food for the animals that eat those plants and so on down the food chain. Over the past years, colonies of bees have been disappearing at an alarming rate and up to 90% of bees have disappeared in certain areas of the world, the reason remains unknown. Perhaps, it is climate change, harmful pesticides or loss of wild meadows? So, it is ever so important to look after our furry friends and to create a garden full of delicious nectar.

Friends of the Earth now do a lot to help save these bees. https://friendsoftheearth.uk/bees and you can start helping too.

1. Buy a Bee bomb and plant these in your garden. Buy them for wedding favours or for flower girl gifts, or for birthday presents.

2. Donate to Friends of the Earth.

3. Create a bee hotel.

4. Make a bee hotel

5. Try growing your own vegetables or buy organic where possible. Those pesticides can be doing more harm than good.