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The Impact of Fabrics.

jessica turner designs ethical bridal wear organic bamboo wedding dress

"Bamboo fabric is as soft as a peach, have you felt bamboo fabric yet?" The Lyra Dress with organic bamboo and natural dyed ribbon for a belt by Kate Cullen. Most of my dresses are lined with this gorgeous fabric and I tend to use fabrics that are sustainable @jessturnerdesigns

The production of Textiles can have a huge impact on our environment. It is important to understand our fabrics, what our clothes are made of and how they are made. Different fabrics create different burdens, some of the main causes for concern are the greenhouse gases, toxic chemicals in the production process, deforestation and the vast amount of clothes being produced.

Here is a list of all the fabrics that you might come across when buying your wedding dress. And the story behind each fabric.

Jessica Turner Designs Fabric facts ethical bridal designer London wiltshire

The story behind the fabric will help you understand whether an item of clothing is environmentally friendly or not. I use a range of silks bought from a UK company that ensures the working conditions from their suppliers are clean, fair and of the highest quality. The bamboo that I line my dresses with is not organic, however it is a better option as it is more environmentally friendly than cotton or satin polyester. A bride has an option to have a wedding dress lined in organic bamboo or silk but this will make the dress slightly more expensive. The impact of fabrics on the environment is a huge issue and the fabric is not necessarily the problem, it is the amount that we produce and the consequences of fast fashion.

“....the main problem is the volume of clothing that is being produced, which is largely driven by our consumption habits,” says Anika Kozlowski, assistant professor of Fashion Design, Ethics & Sustainability at Ryerson University. “Every product has impacts. The reason that volume is such an issue is that it just exacerbates all these impacts.” Source Hello Homestead.

So regarding the problem of producing too many clothes, I do my collections on paper, with the support of fabric swatches. Here is a glimpse into my new collection "Foxglove" made out of a 2 D fabric and lined in bamboo, organic bamboo or silk. However, the style can change slightly or the fabric can be different depending on what the bride prefers as it is custom made. This is the advantage of a bespoke dress and it is also a more environmentally friendly way to shop. It is all about quality, slow fashion and how to reduce the dangerous impact of textiles on our environment.

Jessica Turner Designs Honey bee collection 2020. Sustainable Fashion, sustainable bridal wear

Jessica Turner Designs fabric swatches made to order. bespoke bride

It is worth to always read the labels, there are so many clothes these days made in polyester and this is detrimental to our eco-system. Every wash you do with polyester, small plastic particles enter into our water system. We all know that plastic is filling up our world so cutting down on polyester clothes when we shop is a great way to start. I try to buy clothes made from natural resources, like cotton or organic cotton, silk, organic bamboo, wool and this reflects my bridal designs.

Creative Director & Stylist: @katecullenstylePhotography: @georgina_photoFloral Design: @wildbunchflowersDress: @jessturnerdesignsStationery: @lauraelizabethpatrickVenue: @broadfield_courtHair & Make Up: @jdressingtableJewellery: @agneswalker_jewelleryBridal Model: Pfion @bamemodelsCeramics: @juliereillyceramicsProps, Ribbons, Handmade Paper: @katecullenstyle

organic bamboo silk wedding dress Jessica Turner Designs, ethical wedding dress

The 'Lyra' dress, made with organic bamboo silk, bamboo and silk.

“Look at the labels, get curious and check out where it was made. What you’ll discover as a consumer is that your wardrobe actually tells a global story. Once you connect with that, the value of the garment increases.” Source Hello Homestead.

Creative Director & Stylist: @katecullenstylePhotography: @georgina_photoFloral Design: @wildbunchflowersDress: @jessturnerdesignsStationery: @lauraelizabethpatrickVenue: @broadfield_courtHair & Make Up: @jdressingtableJewellery: @agneswalker_jewelleryBridal Model: Pfion @bamemodelsCeramics: @juliereillyceramicsProps, Ribbons, Handmade Paper: @katecullenstyle

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