Nature is Dying.

Tips for Designers and consumers to be kinder to our planet. Textile industry and how to be more sustainable. Jessica Turner Designs

The stats are starting to roll in about our planet and all the living things that inhabit it.

This is what I read today in the newspaper.

"60% of vertebrate population has fallen since 1970"

"80% freshwater populations have vanished"

"The collapse of global wildlife populations is a warning sign that nature is dying"

Did you read my last post: 'Can we start thinking outside of the box and deliver a better, healthier future for our planet?' I covered the issues of fast fashion, tips on how to make ethical choices when buying clothes or designing them and I discussed the hot topic of plastic and how it is destroying our eco-system.

It is scary what is happening to our world, and I know that many of us feel a little helpless. I wasn't going to be an ethical bridal designer, however since being educated on fast fashion, and the textile industry I believe it is important for everyone to start making changes.

This is what I am proposing:

- All of my dresses are being lined with organic bamboo with GOTS certified.