Love and Lavender

Lavender is coming to an end so I thought that I would show some pretty wedding inspiration before the season is truly over. 'Love and Lavender' a styled shoot that combines pretty purples, blues, a beautiful countryside and romance.

Lavender produces such beautifully scented flowers, and it is such a pretty colour, who wouldn't want to get some stunning imagery of their wedding day taken in one of these fields. I feel like I can almost smell the lavender and cant get over how romantic it would be for a couple strolling through the fields.

Lavender Fields – Thoughts of Love

May 8, 2016 Phyllis Doyle Burns

Lavender fields I stroll through With thoughts of romance and love

Take me beyond this earthly place of daily stress and human woes

Old world romance, here I am be so kind to come find me

Let me linger among the glory of peace and nostalgia

Alone with my mind wandering far to what once was or will be

Once more and for the last time let love come to my door

I open myself to the Universe and ask for love to touch me

Caress me with the fragrance of love open me to myself and my beloved

Let divine love fill me with bliss a touch – a hug – a gentle kiss.

Fields of lavender I stroll through and dare to dream ….

Strolling through the fields, a perfect place to capture a bride. The bride wears my "Hollyhock" bridal separate and 'Cornflower' bridal skirt. The hint of blue in the skirt looks great amongst the purple flowers or the colour could be changed to lilac.

Here is a lovely flower crown, bouquet, watercolour stationary and some more lavender pics to share!! Enjoy

If you are interested in a bespoke wedding dress, I can offer a free bespoke time plan which will help with your wedding dress planning. Click the image below

I hope you enjoyed the love and lavender images for a boho bride.

Love Jess xx


'Hollyhock' Bridal Separates

  • Bridal Separates: Jessica Turner Designs

  • Fine Art Photography: Jasmine Photography

  • Floral Design: Violets and Velvet

  • Silks and Stationary: Ollies Studio

  • Jewellery and Rings: Dainty London

  • Kamila: Model

  • Velvet ring boxes : Bride to Bee

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