Beautiful Colour Schemes.

I never really thought that colour really associated with bridal wear, as the traditional way was always white or ivory. However, I am so pleased that we have moved on from this classical style and new modern ideas are starting to grow.

Peach and grey dip dye Jessica Turner Designs

I have always been a fan of beautiful colour schemes and I have always been thinking how can I add them into the mix when designing. For example, one of my colour combo's that I love are peach and grey. For sure, I will be turning my sample (above) into a dip dyed wedding dress or bridal separate soon. I must admit I don't like to over do it on the colour front but I like to create subtle shades. You will never see my work in a bright multi coloured display, unless I am commissioned to do it!

Dip dye wedding dress by Jessica Turner Designs

The image is of my 'Lobelia' Skirt above is dip dyed in different layers of grey and blue to mimic the sky. Designed for my 'Blue Skies' Collection.

Below is my 'Calla Lily' bridal separate, one of my favourite colours especially when adding on so many layers to the skirt.