I think people have come across Wabi-Sabi as it has been popular on Pinterest for a while now. For those who haven't.......

wabi- sabi meaning

I must admit I am a bit of fan of Wabi-Sabi and I have been for a while but unknowingly! My university degree, Fashion and Textiles, I was inspired by decay, nature and textures and I wanted to create this in my samples of work. I would hunt for decaying plants, anything that had an imperfect aesthetic, take pictures and draw. Here are some samples of my work that I kept from University. Does it look like Wabi-Sabi to you?

And here are some wabi-sabi inspirations that I sourced from Pinterest. I love the fringed uneven edging of Kate Cullens handmade paper, the layers and colours of the piece of wood with the green moss starting to build, and a wall that has lost it's original colour and lastly the decay of leaves, one of my favourite pieces of inspiration. Have you seen in winter when the frost begins to envelope a decaying leaf, it is so pretty and I am sure many of you have tried to capture an image of it!

So what inspired me to create silk knitted bridal dresses? I am a fan of textures and my degree taught me how to use a range of yarns and transform them into remarkable compositions. I loved the feeling of silk, with its soft and delicate nature. I also knew with bridal wear I could play with a range of romantic fabrics, embroidery and subtle colours, that were similar to my decaying leaf. I also loved how easy it was to make holes when knitting, as this would happen a lot when I was learning and so instead of starting again when I missed a stitch or dropped a stitch, I would somehow combine it into my work (the idea of finding beauty in imperfection) maybe stitching an embroidered piece of fabric under the hole or combining ribbons or beadwork.

Different Yarns Photo by Maxeem Kim Photography

Jessica Turner Designs Silk knit bridal wear

My silk knit fabric with embroidered compositions by Maxeem Kim Photography

Jessica Turner Knitted Bridal Wear

My degree has definitely influenced my style, and I would like to say that now I could describe myself as a wabi-sabi designer! If there is such thing

Here are some of my outfits that I think have this kind of concept.

The silk knit bodices, the dip dyed layered skirts, the uneven edges, the lace decaying details, I think this shows what I am all about, and what my bridal style is. Certainly, not traditional, boho with a romantic edge. I understand that not everyone will like that. However, if you do please give me a follow on instagram or like my facebook page @jessturnerdesigns

Love Jess xx

Credits on the images.

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