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So I am in love with macrame at the moment, I just love the textures and patterns created in every design. So I am super excited to have a stunning piece of work by Half Hitch Macrame coming my way. Next weekend I will be exhibiting at Most Curious Wedding Fair in the Truman Brewery London, 2nd/3rd March. There will be an arch and a macrame hanging and then a bride model standing in front wearing one of my wedding outfits with hair and make up by Storme Make Up Artist. The macrame will be surrounded by flowers by the talented Sarah, from Sarah Harper Flowers. So I am hoping for a pretty little set up to show brides next weekend!!

macrame for a wedding backdrop jessica turner designs

How amazing would this be for your wedding ceremony, if you get married outside under the macrame surrounded by trees. The macrame would give you a centre piece for the bride and groom and it could be hung in various places, even inside if the weather was bad.

macrame for a wedding backdrop jessica turner designs

There are lots of different styles and patterns that can be made. It would depend on your wedding budget on the size, as the time to make one of these must be time consuming. I have interviewed Katie the owner of Half Hitched Macrame to find out more....

How did you start up macrame?

1. I have always had an interest in macrame and remember learning some simple knots here and there when I was growing up. Last summer a perfect opportunity came up to learn some more techniques at a locally ran workshop. We all produced something different with the guidance of the lady that took the class and straight away I was confident I’d become completely obsessed with this amazing craft. As soon as I got home from the workshop, I practiced the knots I’d learnt and the rest is history! With every piece I make I try to push my skills further and further.

What is your biggest commission and how long does it usually take?

2. Every piece is different and is usually commissioned specially by the client, I will never do two pieces exactly the same as the beauty is in the unpredictability of the rope- I have a loose idea of what I want the final piece to be like but I let my heart lead the design and just see where it takes me. The largest piece I have made a backdrop in is 6ft x 6ft, I’ve done two this size now and they take between 25-30 hours to complete each so its a great arm work out but can be pretty tiring working it around my full time job!

Where would you like to see your pieces of work?

3. My macrame looks wonderful at bohemian styled weddings as a backdrop to the ceremony or behind a cake table but looks equally beautiful hung in the home from an empty wall that is crying out for something decorative, special and one- of- a - kind.

What kind of brides love the macrame look or what kind of brides would you like to see buy it?

4. The boho bridal look has been a huge trend for sometime now and will hopefully continue to be for a while yet. Laid back styling, natural touches with wild flowers, heaps of eucalyptus, beautiful lace and festival vibes all make me think of the boho wedding style. My macrame fits in perfectly with this, especially woodland or outdoor weddings and events.

I know rope is used but have you tried other yarns or ideas to make one? 5. I use rope in varying thicknesses for each of my designs which can be in either a bleached (white) or unbleached (natural) colour. I have done a few small pieces with coloured jersey yarn too but I do prefer the feel of natural cotton rope, especially in my larger pieces. I’m currently in discussions with a factory to order some coloured cotton rope for a very different look. Also, where dip dying continues to be a big trend with really pretty and sometimes unexpected results, I’m going to be creating some pieces that use that technique too.

An idea for a wedding, a macrame as a backdrop with a bride wearing a dip dyed bridal skirt and corset, boho chic style.

Macrame backdrop for weddings with Jessica Turner Designs dip dyed bridal wear

I hope you will come and visit me at the fair to see my stand and bridal collection. And also see the other pieces of work from bridal experts in the industry. The list below are the fellow wedding people I am working with at the fair, I couldn't do it without them. Thank you!!

Storme Make Up Artist

Half Hitched Macrame

Sarah Harper Flowers

The Wild Mix

Model Eve @quitbeingweird

Please follow me on Instagram @jessturnerdesigns to try and win a pair of tickets for either Saturday or Sunday. Winners will be announced before the event.

Most Curious Wedding Fair Jessica Turner Designs

CREDITS and follow us on Instagram

Photography Kitty Wheeler Shaw @kittywshaw

Bridal Designer Jessica Turner Designs @jessturnerdesigns

Macrame Half Hitched Macrame @halfhitchmacrame

Hair and Make Up Storme Hair and Make Up @stormemakeupartist

Accessories Ps With Love @pswithlov3

Model @quitbeingweird

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