Beauty: Hair and Make Up for Brides.

Last week I introduced The Wild Mix, DIY skincare apothecary kits that you can buy and the ingredients are 100% natural. We discussed about taking care of yourself and that beauty can be enhanced from within. Skin care products can then help you achieve that perfect skin.

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This week I am going to be introducing you to Storme from Storme Hair and Make Up Artist. I said last week that I have worked with Storme on a few occasions. She does amazing make up and hair styling, and when you describe to her what you want she can create it but also create something that will exceed your expectations.

Storme Make up artist, bride wearing a Jessica Turner Designs Corset

Storme Make Up Artist, bride wearing my Calla Lily Corset.

Introducing Storme.

What is your ethos?

Natural beauty and bring your own beauty to the forefront. I do not feel that makeup should be used to mask but rather to enhance.

What is your style?

Each bride is different, and at a trial we create a bridal look that is unique and flattering to themselves. I feel that the brides that usually book me do not like wearing heavy makeup but rather wish to feel comfortable, look fresh and pretty and 'see themselves'. That being said, I love to do stronger looks as well. Everyone has a comfort zone and I think for a wedding day one should stick to what they like.

What are your best make up products?

I am a huge Bobbi Brown fan. I think her products are wonderful for bridal as well as her shades. I think her ethos of natural beauty and using just what is needed is ideal.

What advice would you give to brides when you first do a make up trial?

Have your dress in mind when choosing a hairstyle as well as how you normally have your hair on a day to day basis. If you always wear your hair down, and then have your hair up and confined on your wedding day, you may not feel your most comfortable and confident. Don't do a facial too close to your wedding day.

Look after your skin , drink lots of water and exfoliate for the makeup to look lovely and flawless on the skin.

How do you manage to bring out a brides natural beauty?

I use complementary colours that will enhance eyes to sparkle and skin to glow.

Eye shape and wear to position shadow can open and close the eyes.

Storme will be doing my models make up at Most Curious, and for those that want to win a free make up trial with Storme, this is what I will be offering. I am running a prize until 30th April 2018. The prize will include a bridal gift box and in the box will be the following.

- a bride bunny, a handmade gift wearing a copy of your bridal dress, using the recycled pieces of fabric.

- a free bridal hair and make up trial by Storme Make Up Artist

- two skin care products from The Wild Mix

So the catch!! To be honest there is always a catch. If you decide to purchase an outfit from me then the first three to purchase by the end of April, deposit paid will win this bridal gift box. The hair and make up will be done at the final fitting, week days only. A bride will get to see the complete look with their wedding dress which I think will be a lovely thing for a bride to see before the big day.

Jessica Turner Designs Bridal separates

Come and see me at Most Curious to see if there is a wedding dress that you might like. I also offer a bespoke service so a dress can be tailored to your needs.

I am giving away two tickets to the wedding fair, all you need to do is email me info@jessicaturnerdesigns.com with your name and follow me on Instagram @jessturnerdesigns. I will do a live video on my stories of the two winners.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jess xx

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Storme Make Up Artist

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Jessica Turner Designs Bridal Wear

Model Eve @quitbeingweird & Jessica Stimolo

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