Beauty from Within and Getting that Perfect Skin.

Today I am going to help you try and find ways for getting that perfect looking skin for your wedding day. I will also be introducing Becky from The Wild Mix.

Firstly, we must start with the basics. If you are getting married in the next 6 months and want to gain that flawless complexion here are some tips to get you going.

-8 hours sleep.

-drink enough water


-healthy diet with lots of grains and vegetables.

-less stress, laugh more

-limit alcohol

-walk in nature

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Beauty starts from within, from the food you eat, the lifestyle you live and how you take care of yourself. If you follow all those tips that I mentioned then this will help you create that flawless complexion. However, we may need a little extra help on the way and this is where The Wild Mix can help. I came across them a couple of weeks ago and I loved what they had to offer.

Lets have a little introduction:

What is The Wild Mix?

The Wild Mix is a growing range of DIY mix formulas that combine the purest ingredients developed with cutting-edge technology. Wild Mix products are a fusion of native European botanicals with a twist of exotics.

Natural skincare products

What tips do you have to great looking skin?

If your skin feels beautiful - it is.

Because our skin is so linked in with the brain and our emotions it makes sense that natural high-quality ingredients will keep your skin at optimum health and that in turn will contribute to making you feel good on the inside.

We all know emotions can directly affect skin health, stress can lead to a limited blood supply show up as dryness, breakouts and a lacklustre appearance. The opposite is also true, a relaxed state leads to hydration, healing that restores glow and true balance in our skin health.

What can we do to help balance our emotions and skin?

A relaxing self care ritual has never been more valuable in this fast paced world. A two minute daily self care practice will help balance your skin and meditate is also key. Focus on :


-Self love


First you need to identify what your particular skin needs that week are, it's usually one of two things: cleanse or nourish. Once you've identified what your skin needs taking time to create a loving home facial treatment is key to feeling peace and confidence within because it takes up to 30 days to rewire a neural pathway in the brain and you will be creating one that associates peace and wellbeing with your skincare, every time you take time to notice the sensations of the products your applying in a calm and relaxed environment.

Take time to massage in serums, aloe-vera and moisturises, give yourself an hour once a week for this, if your skin is thirsty keep applying treatments until your skin's thirst is quenched, pay attention to how your skin feels when it's in a balanced state.

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I hope you liked these useful tips and advice from The Wild Mix. I am going to be doing some little more self care this week and taking time to soak in those moisturisers. If you would like to browse her products please visit

The Wild Mix There are a lot of lovely natural DIY products, moisturisers, balms, face masks and salts which will be beneficial for your skin and overall appearance.

I am going to be at Most Curious on March 3rd-4th and there will be a chance to win two of her products. Come and visit me to find out more.

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Next week on the blog I will be interviewing Storme Make Up Artist, a lovely lady who I have worked with on many occasions. Together we will be offering something special so tune in next week to find out more.

Love Jess x

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