Beauty from Within and Getting that Perfect Skin.

Today I am going to help you try and find ways for getting that perfect looking skin for your wedding day. I will also be introducing Becky from The Wild Mix.

Firstly, we must start with the basics. If you are getting married in the next 6 months and want to gain that flawless complexion here are some tips to get you going.

-8 hours sleep.

-drink enough water


-healthy diet with lots of grains and vegetables.

-less stress, laugh more

-limit alcohol

-walk in nature

Jasmine Photography

(Floral crown by Violets and Velvet, bridal separate Jessica Turner Designs)

Beauty starts from within, from the food you eat, the lifestyle you live and how you take care of yourself. If you follow all those tips that I mentioned then this will help you create that flawless complexion. However, we may need a little extra help on the way and this is where The Wild Mix can help. I came across them a couple of weeks ago and I loved what they had to offer.

Lets have a little introduction: