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Black Friday- who got some great deals last week?!! I run a small bridal business so I don't think this discount day is relative to what I do. I don't have anything against it but I do feel that it encourages people to buy more or over spend and people can go a little crazy. Has anyone been to a pop-up product sale where everything is under half price? Usually big brands can do this as they want to get rid of unwanted stock, not small businesses who make small batches or even bespoke designs. At big sale events, customers seem to turn into wild animals swarming through the jungle of products and tossing things into their baskets and not really thinking about what they are buying. Black Friday encourages that behaviour, who doesn't want a great deal? I managed to get 30% off football classes for my two and a half year old, so there are benefits!!

So the reason I am writing this post, is because I don't offer Black Friday and will explain why through 'A day in the life of-ME!

I am a knitted bridal designer living in London. My life is spent running my business and looking after my two small children. When I don't have the kids, I am working on new designs or bespoke creations. I have recently completed my first collection shoot and super excited to see the photos. I design bridal separates and corsets, veering towards the untraditional bride. I mentioned that I make knitted bridal designs, therefore I spend my time on my hand knitting machine, working with a range of silk yarns and creating a bridal knit fabric that looks like a 'piece of embroidery'. Something unique but also something that creates a beautiful texture with a luxurious finish to it.

Me knitting

Jessica Turner Designs knitting on a knitting machine

Knitted Bridal Fabric

Jessica Turner Designs knitted bridal wedding dresses

Knitted Bridal Bodice

Jessica Turner Designs bridal separates