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Black Friday- who got some great deals last week?!! I run a small bridal business so I don't think this discount day is relative to what I do. I don't have anything against it but I do feel that it encourages people to buy more or over spend and people can go a little crazy. Has anyone been to a pop-up product sale where everything is under half price? Usually big brands can do this as they want to get rid of unwanted stock, not small businesses who make small batches or even bespoke designs. At big sale events, customers seem to turn into wild animals swarming through the jungle of products and tossing things into their baskets and not really thinking about what they are buying. Black Friday encourages that behaviour, who doesn't want a great deal? I managed to get 30% off football classes for my two and a half year old, so there are benefits!!

So the reason I am writing this post, is because I don't offer Black Friday and will explain why through 'A day in the life of-ME!

I am a knitted bridal designer living in London. My life is spent running my business and looking after my two small children. When I don't have the kids, I am working on new designs or bespoke creations. I have recently completed my first collection shoot and super excited to see the photos. I design bridal separates and corsets, veering towards the untraditional bride. I mentioned that I make knitted bridal designs, therefore I spend my time on my hand knitting machine, working with a range of silk yarns and creating a bridal knit fabric that looks like a 'piece of embroidery'. Something unique but also something that creates a beautiful texture with a luxurious finish to it.

Me knitting

Knitted Bridal Fabric

Knitted Bridal Bodice

Bespoke Service.

This is where brides come to visit me after seeing my designs. They want to create something similar but something personalised to them. At the first consultation I offer bridal styling, we go through ideas together, look through fabric samples and they get a chance to try on my designs so we can see what works for them. I then do some sketches and start making the pattern.

I make the pattern....

I source the fabrics or yarn samples.....

I make a mock up dress in Calico and bits of recycled fabrics, then we go through tweaks and alterations. I then go and buy the chosen fabric for the dress or bridal separate.

We have 3 to 4 more fittings to discuss the way the dress is coming together and making sure that it is turning out exactly how they want it.

Sometimes brides would like colour added to their wedding dress or bridal skirt. I will prepare a few fabric samples that I dip dye and we discuss colour choice and how we want it to look at the end. i.e dip dye all over or at the end of the skirt and train.

A bridal skirt ready for dying

Dip Dyed Bridal Skirt

Then it is the final fitting, eek-the best bit!! If the dress is everything the bride expected it to be then it is taken home, hopefully with a big smile on their face!!

I also make my brides a 'Bride Bunny' a handmade gift from 100% linen, and designed with the brides outfit and embroidered wedding date, something for her to treasure, or to give to a flower girl.

SO this is my process, the day in the life of me- how I work and the efforts I take to create that special bridal gown. This is why I don't do Black Friday, I can't offer discounts in my business because I price it accordingly to the amount of work I do. My offer is the personalised gown, and a free 'Bride Bunny'. I hope you like the idea of how I work and if you want to have a chat with me about your wedding dress then please send me an email EMAIL HERE I love hearing about your ideas and hopefully I can help you find your unique bridal outfit.

Love Jess xx



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