What is a free-spirited bride?

I have seen the word Free-Spirited pop up a few times when it comes to bridal wear. So I thought I would blog about this word especially as I think my designs would fit into this category, do you agree? I have come up with some ideas on how to become a free-spirited bride and I have also answered the question to this blog post.

Here are some words to describe the word 'free-spirited' from the UK thesaurus.

  • escaped

  • liberal

  • liberated

  • relaxed

  • at liberty

  • casual

  • fancy-free

  • footloose

  • informal

  • unconfined

  • unconstrained

  • unrestricted

SO lets take some of these words and use them, for example unrestricted, relaxed, casual, and put them into context for a bride.

'Unrestricted and fancy-free', this reminds me of floaty skirts, loose waves, natural make up and a look that is more wild than overly polished.

Did dyed bridal skirt or dip dyed wedding dress for the free spirited bride

Looking at 'casual' you may not want to look too casual on your wedding day so I would think that you want to go for a more natural appeal, nudes are a very popular choice with a soft lipstick shade and I would think a hair style that has a loose tousled design would look fab!

This is how I would create the look.

-Soft floaty fabrics, layers and trains. Lace or off the shoulder designs.

-Hair down in waves or a tousled hair up do

-Jewellery that hangs loose or hair vines

-Flowers/bouquets that are more wild and natural. Some could be used in the hair or made into a flower crown.

-Natural make up, nudes, soft pinks or browns, and a hint of colour

A free spirited bride by Jessica Turner Designs

Are you a free-spirited bride? If you would like to become one for your wedding day, I would be happy to help you find the perfect style, bridal separate or dress. I do a lot of work with soft floaty fabrics and sometimes use a dip dye technique to create a range of colours like this hint of pink in the images. I have a range of tops to suit different figures or I can make a bespoke outfit for you.

EMAIL me here for any queries or to arrange an appointment and I can also offer a special request for a bridal make up and hair specialist to join us at our appointment to discuss a look too!! Mention FREESPIRIT for this offer. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love Jess x


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