What is a free-spirited bride?

I have seen the word Free-Spirited pop up a few times when it comes to bridal wear. So I thought I would blog about this word especially as I think my designs would fit into this category, do you agree? I have come up with some ideas on how to become a free-spirited bride and I have also answered the question to this blog post.

Here are some words to describe the word 'free-spirited' from the UK thesaurus.

  • escaped

  • liberal

  • liberated

  • relaxed

  • at liberty

  • casual

  • fancy-free

  • footloose

  • informal

  • unconfined

  • unconstrained

  • unrestricted

SO lets take some of these words and use them, for example unrestricted, relaxed, casual, and put them into context for a bride.

'Unrestricted and fancy-free', this reminds me of floaty skirts, loose waves, natural make up and a look that is more wild than overly polished.

Looking at 'casual' you may not want to look too casual on your wedding day so I would think that you want to go for a more natural appeal, nudes are a very popular choice with a soft lipstick shade and I would think a hair style that has a loose tousled design would look fab!

This is how I would create the look.

-Soft floaty fabrics, layers and trains. Lace or off the shoulder designs.

-Hair down in waves or a tousled hair up do

-Jewellery that hangs loose or hair vines

-Flowers/bouquets that are more wild and natural. Some could be used in the hair or made into a flower crown.

-Natural make up, nudes, soft pinks or browns, and a hint of colour

Are you a free-spirited bride? If you would like to become one for your wedding day, I would be happy to help you find the perfect style, bridal separate or dress. I do a lot of work with soft floaty fabrics and sometimes use a dip dye technique to create a range of colours like this hint of pink in the images. I have a range of tops to suit different figures or I can make a bespoke outfit for you.

EMAIL me here for any queries or to arrange an appointment and I can also offer a special request for a bridal make up and hair specialist to join us at our appointment to discuss a look too!! Mention FREESPIRIT for this offer. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love Jess x


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