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Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I am going to give you some little inspiration on bridal separates and why they are seeming rather popular. As a bridal designer I have always been a fan of a two-piece outfit and I am going to explain why brides are turning away from the traditional wedding dresses and the reason why bridal separates are a very much money well spent!

blue bridal skirt and off the shoulder wedding dress

Cornflower Skirt and Bodice' by Jessica Turner Designs

I was happy to see at The White Gallery, London that there were a lot of coloured dresses, bridal separates and gowns, with blue emerging as a clear trend for 2018. My ‘Cornflower’ skirt is on trend for 2018, who would have thought! I love working with delicate colours. I still like the traditional white wedding dresses, however, it’s much more fun to design with colour and to be slightly unconventional. I also think it is easier to wear an outfit again if it has colour in it. My ‘Cornflower’ skirt could be worn with a dark bodice or navy blue top similar to below which would create a whole new look.

luxury bridal dress

'Wisteria' by Jessica Turner Designs

Also, if you wanted to have two different outfits on your wedding day you could do this without breaking the bank. You wouldn't have to fork out for an additional dress but maybe you could buy a different styled top or skirt.

blackburn bridal

'Blackburn Bridal'

This spaghetti strap top is ideal for the evening party at your wedding and maybe you could have a lace overlay for the ceremony. I love the idea of having a multiple layering of tops, a lace overlay is perfect for a church wedding and then slip it off later in the evening. I could also see these tops being worn again on a night out paired with skinny jeans and killer heels.

'Blackburn Bridal'

I also like to design with detachable sleeves in mind as it is another way to create a whole new style. The sleeves below are designed with flat buttons on the inside so they are comfortable and the sleeves can be taken off. There were a few detachable skirts at The White Gallery but not any detachable tops, maybe this could be the next trend!

bridal separates off the shoulder sleeves

Jessica Turner Designs

blackburn bridal
low back bridal dress

'Blackburn Bridal' ' Jessica Turner Designs'

The beautiful tops in both these pictures have something enchanting about them, whether it is the low back, or the beautiful textured details. I can imagine these being worn again to a black tie do or even to the races. I love black and white for a smart outfit. Why not wear the tops with smart black trousers or an elegant black skirt? Or again as mentioned before with some smart trousers or tight jeans.

I can see why brides are turning away from the traditional wedding dresses. There is a lot of choice out there, from different tops, skirts, jackets, capes, shirts and sleeves. Bridal separates are so versatile and key looks can be styled and created in a range of ways. Brides can spend their cash without feeling guilty. How many times have I heard 'I will only wear my wedding dress once so I don't want to spend too much!!' Bridal separates are the way forward for those brides who are worried about spending their money as they will have a chance to wear it again, or at least some part of it again, and the same for coloured dresses or skirts, problem solved. All you need are some special events to be invited too!

CREDITS for Jessica Turner Designs

Jessica Turner Designs: Bridal Separates and Corsets

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Double Dutch: Hair and Make Up

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Hair Accessories: What Katy Did Next

Ribbons: Kate Cullen

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CREDITS for Blackburn Bridal

Blackburn Bridal: Bridal Separates

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Here is an image of my 'Calla Lily' that was firstly designed for a bride to wear on her wedding day. Unfortunately I can’t show the brides image yet as it is being used for a styled shoot. You can see how the corset can be worn as an outfit for a guest to a wedding though or possibly a cocktail party. This is why I love bridal separates, you you can wear them again and again in so many different ways, and I will be pleased to say that your wedding outfit wont be collecting dust in your cupboard. If you stay tuned to my blog and subscribe I will fill you in on the details of the styled shoot with my 'Calla Lily' corset and I will keep you up to date with events and news from me.

Love Jess x

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